15 Jul 2018

Slides from talk at MABS2018: "Mixing ABM and Policy ... what could possibly go wrong?"

Invited talk at 19th International Workshop on Multi-Agent Based Simulation at Stockholm on 14th July 2018.

Mixing ABM and Policy ... what could possibly go wrong?

This talk looks at a number of ways in which using ABM in the context of influencing policy can go wrong: during model construction, with model application and other.

It is related to the book chapter:
Aodha, L.Edmonds, B. (2017) Some pitfalls to beware when applying models to issues of policy relevance. In Edmonds, B. & Meyer, R. (eds.) Simulating Social Complexity - a handbook, 2nd edition. Springer, 801-822.
See the slides at: https://www.slideshare.net/BruceEdmonds/mixing-abm-and-policywhat-could-possibly-go-wrong

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