15 Dec 2011

Kick-off meeting of the "Crime and Corruption Exploratory", Rome 25-27th Jan 2012

Kick-off meeting
Crime and Corruption Exploratory’

Rome, January 25 to 27, 2012

During the meeting we will discuss the issues related with the startup of FuturICT Crime and Corruption Exploratory, including (i) contents, (ii) governance, (iii) logistic, (iv) info networks, (v) resources.

Docs about crimEx

Draft Scheduling

on the 25, start at 14:30, until around 18:30
Introduction to themes: around CCE
CCE and Network

on the 26, 10:30-16:30
    Working Groups
    In the afternoon: plenary session

on the 27, 10:30-18:30
What to do now: working groups on strategic choices and funding
In the afternoon: plenary session

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