26 May 2011



Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law
Editors: K.D. Ashley; G. Sartor; A. Oskamp.
ISSN: 0924-8463 (print version) ISSN: 1572-8382 (electronic version)

The Special Issue on “SIMULATION AND LAW” aims to promote
collaboration between the fields of agent-based simulation (ABS) and
the legal domain, bringing together ideas and researchers from both

The Journal of Artificial Intelligence and Law contains information on
theoretical or empirical studies in artificial intelligence, cognitive
psychology, jurisprudence, linguistics, or philosophy that address the
development of formal or computational models of legal knowledge,
reasoning, and decision making. It also includes in-depth studies of
innovative artificial intelligence systems that are being used in the legal
domain as well as gives space to studies that address the ethical and
social implications of the field of artificial intelligence and law.

The target of this Special Issue is to stimulate the interplay of both
disciplines, as well as to prompt a reflection exercise on the prospects
of using agent-based simulation to study socio-legal phenomena, as
well as the potential that such an interaction could have in law- and
policy-making processes.

IMPORTANT DATES/ DEADLINES                                       
Abstract Submission: June 24th, Friday
Acceptance Notification: July 22nd, Friday
Paper Submission: November 4th, Friday
Acceptance Notification/Reviewers Reports: December 30th, Friday
Final Version Due: February 10th Friday

PUBLICATION AND SUBMISSION DETAILS                            
Submissions should be up to 16 pages maximum (including figures,
tables, bibliography, abstract etc) in the journal’s format (details can be
found in http://www.springer.com/computer/artificial/journal/10506 ).

REVIEW PROCESS                                                        
All submissions will go through a peer review process, with at least
two independent PC members reviewing each submission.
Following the first reviewing process, authors will be required to revise
their papers which will undergo a second review process before
publication in the journal.

ORGANIZING COMMITTEE                                                
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