25 Nov 2011

22 Nov 2011

A one-day inter-disciplinary seminar on "Complexity of Complexity", Bath 19th Dec.

The Complexity of Complexity

A one-day inter-disciplinary seminar

December 19th 2011, 10.30-3.30 at the University of Bath


Peter Allen, Complex Systems Research Centre, Cranfield

“Evolutionary complexity and the Real World”
Bruce Edmonds, Centre for Policy Modelling, Manchester Metropolitan University
Complexity and Context-Dependency

Chaired by:
Dr Jean Boulton, Department of Social and Policy Sciences, University of Bath
Complexity theory has been embraced by a wide range of disciplines - physics, biology, earth sciences and economics, strategy development, urban planning and climate modelling to name but a view. It developed, through the 20th century, out of early systems thinking, non-equilibrium thermodynamics and evolutionary theory. But is there one theory or many? What are the assumptions underpinning differing approaches? Are some applications more metaphorical than scientific? What is the worldview implied by complexity? Is complexity necessarily about modelling?

This seminar, sponsored by the Institute of Physics Nonlinear and Complex Physics group, seeks to provide a forum to explore the way complexity is understood by different disciplines and provide the opportunity for cross-disciplinary learning and debate sparked by our two eminent speakers.

The event is free; to book, please email Jean Boulton on j.g.boulton@bath.ac.uk  stating the focus of your interest. Places are restricted to 40.

17 Nov 2011

Google Citations

Google now has a basic citations page you can build very easily (Google suggests the list of your citations and you edit these to remove the few spurious ones etc.)

Mine is at: http://scholar.google.com/citations?hl=en&user=uYuZ1VEAAAAJ

2 Nov 2011

I have started a new blog on "Simulating the social processes of science"...

... to coincide with publication of the special section of JASSS on the same theme (see blog for details).

The blog is at: