9 Sep 2014

Paper and Slides: "Analysing a Complex Agent-Based Model Using Data-Mining Techniques"

Analysing a Complex Agent-Based Model Using Data-Mining Techniques 
By Claire Little, Bruce Edmonds, Laurence Lessard-Phillips, and Ed Fieldhouse

Presented at Social Simulation 2014, Barcelona, September.

A complex “Data Integration Model” of voter behaviour is described. However it is very complex and hard to analyse. For such a model “thin” samples of the outcomes using classic parameter sweeps are inadequate. In order to get a more holistic picture of its behaviour data- mining techniques are applied to the data generated by many runs of the model, each with randomised parameter values.
Paper at: http://cfpm.org/aacabm/analysing a complex model-v3.4.pdf
Slides at:  http://www.slideshare.net/BruceEdmonds/analysing-a-complex-agentbased-model-using-datamining-techniques

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