24 Oct 2011

Special Issue of "Simulation" in Jan 2012 on ABS of Complex Social Systems

There will be a Special Issue of the Journal Simulation in Jan 2012 on the topic:

Agent-Based Simulation of Complex Social Systems

Edited by
Adolfo López-Paredes

Franziska Klügl

Bruce Edmonds

 The Papers will be:
  • Heppenstall, Implementing Comprehensive Offender Behaviour in a Realistic Agent-Based Model of Burglary
  • Troitzsch, Simulating Communication and Interpretation as Means of Interaction in Human Social Systems
  • Son, Simulation-Based Workforce Assignment Considering Position in a Social Network
  • Giardini, Gossip for Social Control in Natural and Artificial Societies
  • Zhou, On Fidelity and Model Selection for Discrete Event Simulation
  • Topcuoglu, A New 3-D Wireless Multimedia Sensor Network Simulation Environment for Connected Coverage Problems
  • Ma, Evaluation of integrated application of intelligent transportation systems (ITS) technologies using stochastic incident generation and resolution modeling

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