9 Apr 2010

The Impossibility of a General Intelligence

I just caught Drew McDermot's talk as part of the AISB 2010 symposium: "Towards a Comprehensive Intelligence Test (TCIT): Reconsidering the Turing Test for the 21st Century Symposium".  He contended that Turing never intended this as a general test of intelligence, just a test that would establish that a machine was intelligent in some sense.

More than this I have argued that there is no such thing as a general intelligence -- intelligence is very different from computation.  See:
  • Edmonds, B. (2000). The Constructability of Artificial Intelligence (as defined by the Turing Test). Journal of Logic Language and Information, 9:419-424. (http://cfpm.org/cpmrep53.html)
  • Edmonds, B. (2008) The Social Embedding of Intelligence: How to Build a Machine that Could Pass the Turing Test. In Epstein, R., Roberts, G. and Beber, G. (Eds.) Parsing the Turing Test.  Springer, 211-235. (http://cfpm.org/cpmrep95.html)

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